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Digital Story Telling

National Canal Museum


An introduction to Augusta Canal. Augusta Outdoors segment: Augusta’s Most Historic Asset

Social Studies


Content Areas include:

Local history, Industrial Revolution, Civil War, geography, & economics.
Mill history
South Carolina, Graniteville Area

Pictures, drawings and vintage photographs of mills can be found in the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER)

Engineering Map of America. Several Augusta Canal sites can be found on this interactive map. Students can pin their own pictures of Canal here as well.

National Park Service’s “Discover Our Shared Heritage” website includes short essays on Augusta’s National Historic Landmarks and Historic Districts, including mills district.

Revolutionary War, First Siege of Augusta

Augusta’s Civil war History from episode 506 of GPB’s Georgia Traveler

Water Quality

Conservation Tips
Consumer Reports
Water Quality



Weaving Games and Patterns

Math game
Weave pattern