The Exhibits

Orientation Movie

presented in the Rotary Club of Augusta Centennial Theater

  • "The Power of a Canal" 10 miniute film on history of Augusta's Canal

The Hydropower Demonstration Turbine

The waters of the Augusta Canal surge through this demonstration turbine, creating hydro-mechanical power that drives the line shaft mounted on the ceiling. The paddle fan above the gift shop operates directly from the line shaft power.

Braving the Rapids

  • the Petersburg Boat
  • Petersburg Boat captain and cargo

Building the Canal

  • Augusta Before the Canal
  • Henry Cumming, Canal Visionary
  • How the Canal was Built

How the Canal Works

  • Canal Model
  • Transportation
  • Water Works
  • Hydropower

Mill & Boom Times

  • Augusta’s Industrial Triumph
  • From Cotton to Cloth - Textiles
  • How It’s Done - Weaving Process and Looms
  • Working the Mill - Mill Work and Mill Workers
  • Wartime Industry - Serving the Confederacy

Hydroelectricity and the Canal

  • The City Electric
  • Electrifying Enterprise Mill
  • The Penstock
  • How Hydroelectricity Works

Boat Parties and Picnics

  • Leisure and the Canal

Workers’ Life

  • The Company House-
  • Living in the Factory District
  • Eviction
  • Labor vs. Management

New Waters, New Life -
The Canal in the 20th Century

  • Floods and Fires
  • What Happened to the Mills
  • The Last Days of Enterprise Mill
  • The Canal - Neglect and Decline
  • Return to the Waters
  • The Canal and River Today
  • Augusta Happenings