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  • Do I need a reservation for a boat tour?

    We recommend you make reservations by phone or online, but walk-ups are accepted on space available basis. We often sell out during our busy seasons (Spring and Fall.)

  • When do I pay for my tour tickets? (April 2014)

    Phone reservations: When you arrive at the Discovery Center for your tour
    Online reservations: Online checkout

  • What if it rains? Or gets really hot?

    Our boats carry umbrellas for all passengers.
    If the captain determines weather conditions are not suitable for the tour, it will be canceled. We will attempt to reschedule you for another time, or issue a raincheck.

  • How many people can ride on the boat?

    Our two boats are U.S. Coast Guard-licensed for up to a max of 49 passengers each. For passenger comfort, we recommend not more than 40.

  • Are there restrooms on the boats?

    No. Restrooms are available inside the Discovery Center.

  • Can I bring food and drinks on board?

    Yes. Adult beverages are allowed on evening tours only.

  • Are the boats wheelchair accessible?

    Not entirely. It is possible to drive up to the boat dock. However, there is a four-step stairway (with double handrails) from the dock to the boat deck itself.

  • Does your boat go on the Savannah River?

    No. It only travels on the canal’s first level.

  • Should I tip my guide/captain?

    If you feel your crew had done an excellent job, feel free to tip, but it is not required or expected. Our tour crew members are allowed to accept tips, but may not solicit for them.

  • Do you offer AAA Discount?


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Discovery Center

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  • Where do I park?

    The closest parking is on the west side of Enterprise Mill, 1450 Greene Street, corner of 15th and Greene Streets. Parking also available on the east side of the main mill building.

  • Is the Discovery Center included in the price of my boat tour ticket?


  • Is there a restaurant at the Discovery Center?

    There is a restaurant close by in the Enterprise Mill complex. Fat Man’s Mill Café serves lunch only, Monday-Friday.

  • Do you have space to rent for parties/events?

    The Discovery Center and our multipurpose Cotton Room classroom can be rented for private functions.

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  • Where do I go to walk the trails?

    Click here for directions and maps.

  • How long is the canal?

    Headgates to I-20: 2 miles

    Headgates to the Raw Water Pumping Station: 3.5 miles

    Headgates to the King/Sibley Mills: approximately 5 miles.

    Headgates to 13th Street (end of level 1): approximately 7 miles

  • What rules must I follow?

    To enhance your enjoyment of the Augusta Canal, please abide by these rules:

    • No gasoline-powered motor craft in the canal
    • No swimming
    • No tubing
    • No horses or off-road vehicles (ATVs)
    • Bicycles yield to pedestrians. All yield to official government vehicles
    • Pets must be on a leash.
    • Don't feed the alligators or other wildlife.
    • No alcohol, no shooting of weapons of any kind.
    • Pack it in. Pack it out. Please do not litter.
  • Can I rent a canoe/kayak/bike?

    Canoe/Kayak rental

    The Augusta Canal NHA does not offer rentals, but canoe and kayak rentals are available from these outfitters:

    - Broadway Tackle & Canoe Rentals, (706) 738-8848. 1730 Broad Street.

    - RiverCat Kayaks, (706) 564-4233.

    - Savannah Rapids Kayak Rentals is a rental concession at the Savannah Rapids Headgate park, (706) 832-5323,


    Escorted kayak tours of the Canal and other area waterways are offered by Cole Watkins Tours, (706) 840-0433,


    Bike rental

    -The Bicycle Peddler, a rental concession and mobile bike repair service is available on weekends at the Headgate park or by appointment at other times during the week (706) 373-4519, (updated April 3, 2012).

  • How do I get permission to hold a charity walk
    (or similar event) at the Heritage Area?

    The Augusta Canal National Heritage Area has become a popular place for organized runs, walks and similar events. Various parts of the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area are under the control of different organizations, so, depending on which areas you are using, you may need to contact them, too. Download a copy of the permission form and rules and follow the instructions.

  • Can I get permission to drive on the Towpath?

    It depends. Special events organizers may apply for a temporary permit. It must be displayed on the vehicle at all times. Click here for application and guidelines.

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  • Can I get my National Park Passport stamped at the Canal?

    Yes. At two locations: The Canal Discovery Center and Columbia County’s Visitor Information Center located at the canal lockkeepers cottage at Savannah Rapids Park. Also, you can buy a Park Passport book in our gift store.

  • Can I use my National Park Golden pass at Augusta Canal NHA?


  • Can I buy National Park Golden passes at the Augusta Canal NHA?

    No. The nearest location to buy these is Francis Marion/Sumter National Forest in Edgefield, S.C.

  • Are there dangerous animals in the Canal?

    There have been sightings of cottonmouth/water moccasins (a venomous water snake), snapping turtles and, very rarely, alligators. As with all canal wildlife, respect and do not disturb these animals.

  • What organizations manage the Augusta Canal and the National Heritage Area?

    The Canal is owned by the City of Augusta, GA. The city’s Utilities Department operates the canal for water supply and flood control. Augusta Canal National Heritage Area functions are managed by the Augusta Canal Authority. The Savannah Rapids Park at the headgates is leased and managed by the government of Columbia County, GA.

  • What else is there to do in Augusta?

    There’s plenty. Check with our area Convention and Visitors Bureaus. Augusta CVB and the Columbia County CVB both offer helpful websites

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